Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016
  1. Congratulations to the Instrumentalists and Vocalists who participated in the IESA Solo and Ensemble Contest last Saturday at Mt. Zion. There were a total of 49 first division ratings and 6 second division ratings. The impressive results are as follows: 6th Grade Band - Outstanding - Breanuna Spencer, Alexis Kent, Mia Dorton, Lauren Nichols, Kim Howard, Bart Heimsness, Athan Sherbert, Kennedie Cearlock, Maggie O’Brien, and Calvin Groom. Excellent - Aaron Corso, Stephanie Drysdale, and Gage Matthews. 7th Grade Band - Outstanding  - Selah Allen, Elyse Clayton, Cooper House, Jacob Thomas, Maggie Holthaus, Natalie Howard, Melanie Kilduff, Tate Wagner, Alex Grendze, Micah Whitley, Blake Rice, Anah Heimsness. Outstanding Duets - Jane Ann Logue and Jacob Thomas, Nadalie Knott and Elyse Clayton, Markus Goodman and Alex Grendze. Excellent Percussion Ensemble - Sophie Whetsell, Rozella Colbrook, Cooper House, Tate Wagner and James Montes. 7th & 8th Grade Choir - Outstanding - Tawney Minks, Haley Elam, Natalie Howard, Anah Heimsness, Emmee Dorr, James Boettger, Keaton Hohenstein. Outstanding Vocal Trio - Jane Ann Logue, Chloe Delahunt and Alex Grendze, Emily Thorpe, Tawney Minks and Connor Chase. Outstanding Vocal Choir - Hailey Rhodes, Haley Elam, Jane Ann Logue, Tyler Sherbert, Emmee Dorr, Morgan Hogarth, Tawney Minks, Emily Thorpe, Natalie Howard, Connor Chase, James Montes and James Boettger. 8th Grade Band - Outstanding - Tyler Sherbert, Keaton Hohenstein, Connor Chase. Excellent - Hailey Rhodes. Outstanding Duet - Hailey Rhodes and Tyler Sherbert. Excellent Duet - Emmee Dorr and Peyton Smith. Best of Day Award - Tate Wagner (multi-percussion solo), Connor Chase, James Montes and James Boettger (vocal choir), Connor Chase (trombone solo).
  2. The Media Center will close its circulation May 1st.  Please finish reading your books in the next two weeks and turn them in by May 1st.  
  3. 5th grade will be taking their PARCC tests today through April 20th.
  4. Track Team pictures will be next Tuesday, April 19th right after school.  Please get a form from your track coach.
  5. There will be a joint Choir rehearsal on Monday, April 18 during 3rd hour in the Band room.
  6. Little Tornado Volleyball Summer Camp, for girls entering grades 2nd through 7th in the fall, will be June 13th to June 16th. Registration deadline is Friday, May 20th. Information on how to register can be found in the school office.
  7. MacMurray College is offering summer camps for volleyball and basketball. There are informational fliers in the office.
  8. School Improvement Day is today. School will be dismissed at 1:00. We will be using the following schedule:
1st Hour 8:20 - 8:52
2nd Hour 8:56 - 9:28
3rd Hour 9:32 - 10:04
7th Hour 10:08 - 10:40
8th Hour 10:44 - 11:15   5th grade lunch
4th Hour 11:19 - 11:50   6th grade lunch
5th Hour 11:54 - 12:25 7th grade lunch
6th Hour 12:29 - 1:00 8th grade lunch

April 18  Music Department Meeting

April 14, 15, 18, 19 & 20  PARCC Testing for 5th grade
April 18  Track Meet at Hillsboro 4:00. Bus 2:40. Dismiss 2:25
April 19  Scholastic Bowl HOME 3:45
 Gardening Club Mrs. Mansfield (117) 3:15 to 4:00
April 20  Miles of Smiles
 Track Meet at Pana 4:00. Bus 2:55. Dismiss 2:40
 8th Grade Talent Show practice with Mr. Zini after school
April 21  Music Festival practice: 6,7 & 8 Chorus - 8:30 to 9:30
                                                   6 & 7 Bands - 9:30 to 10:45
   8th Band - 11:00 to 11:45
              Practice at the High School for everyone 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
April 22  Music Festival at the High School 7:00 p.m.
April 23  Track Meet/Dragon Invite at Hillsboro 9:00 a.m./Bus 7:00 a.m.
Southwest Egg Casserole Beef Nachos
Popcorn Chicken Salad
White Garlic Pizza
Ham Sandwich


Sam Slug and a few of the boys were playing cards, when Sam posed a question. “In an ordinary deck of playing cards, two of the Jacks have two eyes and two of the Jacks have one eye. How many eyes are on the four Jack cards?”